Mike Loves His Money

Written by: Elton Camp

Mike Loves His Money

By Elton Camp

To Mike, money means more than anything
Its possession, so much delight does bring

Even as a child, his allowance he held back
Of a developing miser, such a thing did smack

The most satisfaction he ever could know
Was to eagerly watch his bank balance grow

Other boys made money a fast car to buy
It was Mike’s holdings that made him sigh

He made it through college without debt
Then to make real money he was all set

Each month, he spend only a tiny amount
For it was so much fun his cash to count

When a wife and child finally came along
It was only to him the money did belong

Basic necessities he was unwilling to provide
In a run-down shack he made them reside

Finally, his wife and child got their fill
On the marriage, she put the big chill

Mike’s family all now have gone
He counts his money, but all alone

Though real pleasure in his life he does lack
He hugs his money, but it doesn’t hug back