Infatuated Infinity -

Written by: Justin Bordner

I love exploring with you,
searching through those places where treasures are spent
and burdens buried at the benchmarks of new beginings,
no avenue too aweful for our awareness, no bridge to narrow for our skills,

affection with a threat of devastation is the richest,
insurance is safety for the insanity of the insecure,
no need to lend my Love, for we share, 
and when there is no more marrow for the morrow
sorrow will be asked to go away
so that our mission may be remembered with pride and pleasure,
let us be foolish as innocence can be before breaking,
we will liberate boundries begging for beauty,
lead me to those high bluffs where danger yeilds to the bold,
you are the sweetest mystery I know -

J.A.B. %