My Fathers Father

Written by: john loving iii

My fathers fathers
Echo deep in my mind
Each a reflection
Of their own time
Visions of what I cannot see
But a piece of each father
Resides in me
Traditions record the family
A blood established reality
But we wonder, we wonder
Have we forgot
Are we our father
Our fathers forgot
We come to this world
A naked slate
No knowledge of beginning
Or ending fate
History may teach
What our fathers wore
But skin and facial features
Tell what was endured
Were they abused as a people
Like Indians and Jews
Were they sent into slavery
Or similarly used
Were they sent a redeemer
That changed their fate
Did the good they bring
Help change the human race 
Our fathers our fathers
Who each in their own way
Did they fight the war
Did they show the way
Our fathers our fathers
Did they care to stay
Or does sacrifice and doubt
Still haunt them to this day
Father of our fathers
May we find Thee living still
Comming down to the end
Help us find Your will