God Rocks Jesus Rolls

Written by: James Kosiorek

Time Yawns.

 The sun goes down, sunny side up.

 My thoughts, shallow and unrefined delight in their new found depth.

 The moon begins to bloom. Numbered stars take
 their place in the countless skies. 
There is a serenity I have received that I cannot change. It is a different kind of wisdom. It knows the difference.


God Rocks. Jesus Rolls

The train roars. Time Rumbles. 

Night awakes. Rested and well fed it stretches into the light. 

Shade delights in its own conception. Newborn shadows, suckle on the night. 

Temptation seizes me. Prayer returns the volley.

Ice cubes skinny dip in glasses. They sit at a chair less table.

Painted walls procrastinate at the corner. 

Skipped beats gather at the heart. 

Motes conspire to dust.
A slick polished thought gets waxed.
 Outside a lazy droopy wind falls to the ground.

Rain gathers in trees.

 A rainbow shatters the sky. 

Dawn breaks, broke.

The sun also rises. Over easy.