Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Buried Tears buried and unable to break free In between the walls of pain Leading their small hearts left to bleed Blood flowing like an endless rain Fear locked up in a world so cold In a life designed full of horrific abuse Trapped behind prison windows Those still reflect all their black and blues Innocence taken advantage of Childhoods robbed from precious hearts Existed only to be given tainted love That destroyed their dreams somewhere in the dark Echoes locked up of screams unheard Cries left hidden in the darkness Tears flowed inside the walls that no one heard Locked away in complete helplessness Bodies of children remain buried on the grounds Still no one bothered to unbury their graves The people who owned the property were no where to be found They only left behind traces of evil that they gave The building stands today with no one there Still their echoes of cries remain in prison traces Tiny souls buried so deeply in a hell’s lair Waiting for God to release them to flow through heaven’s grace