free cee SEHGUH ASIL

Written by: jeffry cohan

                                 SEHGUH ASIL

Both of us were very well fed by a flame
Each gaze made right what once seemed so wrong
You gave me a gift and I was never the same
It was the gift of lyrics, music and song

But finally I have a freshly found fact, indeed
Information you may not know
It is a fact my fate has decreed
As you stroll with unawareness in tow

It’s about words as they relate to music and notes
Specifically the songs you bestowed upon me
A dozen fine tunes with a flute that floats
While waves of wonder flowed upon me

The lady lilts lyrics that are razor sharp
As the syncopation slices my flesh and soul
I pray to a piccolo while my heart hears the harp
And when she voices vibrato I’m pacified whether for a half-note or whole

So I merely care to point something out
About the intricacy of what a man like me learns
Each song is a scene that demands I should pout
and sadly the song now conveys why our flame no longer burns
                                  © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~