Only words can be Limited, not the Soldier, You

Written by: Kenneth Fielder

Unblinking as the sun rises.
Always thinking before venturing.
Falling through the lines of a cornfield.
Starting in front of the Battlefield. 
Crying into the night as a lost soul.
Fighting for their goal.
To unite all in the peace that surpasses.
To keep a vigil on a hill that rises. 
To the flickering of a candle lighting.
This is a special case to many. 
Most of whom are unknown to us.
Most share in the common goal.
What could it be.
What drives them forward.
What keeps them true.
What keeps them brave.
Helps us see into our selves.
Keeps our young in a loving embrace.
Keeps our people united.
Brings in Peace throughout what.
The world.
The soul.
The mind.
The body.
The love.
The child. 
The only answer "US".
Everyone in the world today.
Everyone to come to live here.
The entire Universe that awaits.
Keep the hope, love, and faith.
Without that then all is waist.
Now go on and let not you be lost. 
This goes to all the people.
All the nations of the world.
But most of all this goes to the Soldier.
May the higher power be with you.
This is also for those of 9/11.