Wrecking Ball

Written by: Jimmi Canada

There was nowhere to go
But I got some company for show
Shuttled me in and out of poor
Raced a car and blew a motor

Got me into shows
Had me playin’ like a vote

I was reachin’ for the glows
But was satisfied by all the bones

In and out of cold
I had company for show
They let me know I was dope
Hit me up over the older phone

Waited for notes
I sat on a couch and watched wobbly 
-Intermittent heart throbbing
As well as comedy

The mood was drunken
I raced with the ****in’

Doin' it once in a while but hey
Who’s the one’s that are pluckin’

I loved romper stomper and reality t.v
Boon Dock Saints and Archer and Weeds

It was all what was happening
My laughter became the clapping

My time as King was rapture,
as it seemed

Simply encapturing my relative needs