Hourglass Spindle and Lifeless Doll Prose version

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Stephen is unable to sleep so he heads to his office. He sits down and picks up the ancient hour glass sitting on his desk. He flips it over and watches as the sand trickles through the narrow opening in the middle. A small pile starts to form in the lower chamber. He watches as his mind is transported back to an earlier time.

 Looking through the spindles of an old staircase peering through the darkness to the floor. Hearing more than seeing, yelling followed by an anguished scream. He felt scared, how many times had that voice yelled at him, he felt helpless peering down into the darkness. His sister's sobbing was more than he could bear. Next he heard the front door slam as his Step dad left the house. Stephen tentatively made his way down the stairs as his hand bounced along the spindles to guide him through the darkness. He made his way across the living room. There his sister sat on the floor in her floral nighty clutching her favorite doll.  He sat down beside her as she rocked back and forth. He said nothing just placed a small arm around her shoulder. Together they rocked and cried. 

The Grandfather Clock made a single chime bringing Stephen back to the present. He looks at the time it is now One AM. The upper chamber of the hourglass was now empty, the lower chamber filled with a pile of white sand.  Stephen sat in the dark rocking back and forth.