Children lookin' to grow up fast,
Lookin' to escape the past.
Try a needle a quick fix,
Unaware how she'll play tricks.
One is found face down,
His drugs scattered on the ground.
Rumors of another has HIV,
Doesn’t have much of a future has she?
Drugs are such a cruel mistress it seems,
'Cause everyone pays for her dreams.
She whispers a promise of life without pain,
While slowly common sense she’ll drain.
Gradually the weak body craves more,
To find that same dream as before.
'Til you sell your soul for just one more cent,
Squeezin' a wallet but it won’t repent.
Till the desperation takes a hold,
When realized, your soul is already sold.
Stealin', whorin' anything to feed the glory
Another headline on a newspaper story
She is an infinite lie, my friend,
There can never be an end.
For you must lie to cover the other,
Drugs are a demanding lover.
More and more to find the sweet highs,
Eventually, you crash from vanilla skies.
When you finally hit your all time low,
There is no where else to go.
Some take the easy way out,
They can’t face what life is about.
Others break down and go insane,
Tryin' to out run the pain.
You're thinkin' I'll be smarter than you,
I thought the same thing too.