Do you remember when we first met

Written by: Mercy Soriano

Do you remember when we first met,
And talked for hours till the sun has set,
I ran in circles to get your attention,
Flew half way around the world to show my intention.

It was just a simple dinner to set the scene,
Exchanging glances like we were teens,
And time eventually gave as the chance,
To start what became a whirlwind romance.

And so I got down on bended knee,
To ask the hand of my wife to be,
And you said with a stuttered voice,
"Yes you fool because you have no choice."

Days, months and years went by and by,
With ups and downs and laughs and cries,
And though our story has grown and changed,
The love we had still remained.

You see this letter is meant for you,
Many years from now,
When we are grey and old,
Our children grown,
And my hair is bald.
With your weary hand in mine,
I will read this to you line by line,
Of a story that started as some kind of wonderful,
Created a timeless sonnet of indescribable love so pure and beautiful.