Unfounded Love

Written by: Michelle Bailey

I was blinded by love but can now begin to see 
that you are not all that I thought you to be 
As I look closer through my looking glass 
I can now see all the graces that you lack 
You open your mouth and its pure trash 
I'm not sure which poor soul you are about to thrash 
I try to really find some of your good qualities 
In the hope that i will have to give you an apology 
They say don't judge a book by its cover 
As your cover and contents portray another 
But even then I find it hard to dislike you 
Perhaps I don't want to think these things are true 
You walk so gracefully and appear so meek 
But then your true self appears the moment you speak 
I'm not quite sure what it is that makes you stand apart 
And why I allow you to control the beating of my heart 
I know you're not what I thought you to be 
But I still admire you endlessly