True Love

Written by: Alon Calinao Dy

        I'm smothered in thoughts of you 
night and day.
	I'm slipping off the safe side of sanity
	'Cause my love submerges its roots 
deep into the soil of you
	With each passing day.

	Each moment I sew with you,
	Countless emotions flood my gates.
	Every time I see sunshine smiles,
	I laugh with tears in my eyes.

	Sometimes, I'm a broken puzzle.
	Can't calculate this love anymore.
	Why do I have to hide it for so long?
	Can I make this a beautiful song?

	My love for you is
	The sunrise that colors velvet sky,
	The fountain that shimmers pearly 
	And the sun that beats down on me.

	Now I cover my eyes with tears,
	As I unearth the days without fears.
	In my heart there is joy
	That weeps incessantly.