To My Best Mother

Written by: Alon Calinao Dy

        To my best mother,
	You and my great father
	Take good care of your children.
	In good and bad times, you're there.

	To my best mother in the world,
	You've shown your genuine love
	When I was still in your womb.
	From newborn, I knew I was secured.

	Thank you for being my mother.
	You're my best friend and my mentor.
	I love you, though sometimes, I forget 
	My mother, I'll always remember you.

	I'll remember your noble teachings.
	I'll love my brother and sister.
	I'll value my family, relatives, and 
	I'll seek guidance to God forever.

	To my best mother,
	My beloved mother in the world,
	Please forgive us for our mistakes.
	We your children love you always.