whispers of Love

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Whisper of Love
The mild spring wind whispered: I love you and stroked 
my face… but then it clouded over the wind hoarsely 
shouted: I love you. I fled indoors but it howled nonstop 
by the French window: I love you, and I held my hands 
against ears as not hear.

Angrily I hollered back: go away I never cared for you, 
your obsessive love is too much to bear, strangling me.  
But I tell not truth, sweet Marilyn, I love you more now 
than before; the wind became a mild zephyr and said: 
I know, I know my darling.

The almond tree said: I thought it was me you loved, 
my flowers you admire. But you are deflowered now.    
I said. This is the rudest thing I ever heard said the oak 
and shook it crown so sadly that a crow family fell out.
and cawed crossly at me.

Don´t you get I said I love you all you´re nature the air 
that I breathe the food I eat and the grass I walk on.
But the olive tree spoilt my words by pretentiously 
saying: one, who loves all, loves no one, and eastward 
the crow family flew.