Battling Addiction

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

It's not just a fight,
It’s a war I’m in,
This addiction is just way to powerful,
I need to get a grip,
But taking doses of lust and love is pure insanity,
This addiction is way too strong.

But a part of me wants this addiction to take over,
It’s so heavenly and strong,
It’s just that your kiss is like my ecstasy,
It lifts my soul and I thrive on that insane energy you give me,
I’m so addicted to your kiss,
The touch of your body is like sniffing cocaine,
It sets my mind free and love is all I want to give,
But I’m so addicted to your body,
But the love from your heart is like my own drug that I have discovered,
Its does more things to my mind, heart and soul than any form of drug has to offer,
I’m so addicted and I love it,
This war of battling addiction is over,
I may have lost,
But my heart has won,
I’m addicted to your body and I’m addicted to your love.