Maybe Just Maybe

Written by: Mercy Soriano

We wonder with each coming day,
Of people and places and things we say,
Waiting for that something, somewhere and someone,
Holding our breath as we count from ten to one,
When we do choose to open our eyes,
Awaken from our dream lullaby,
Do we take a good look around?
Do we realize what we have found?
Or do we hold our dissatisfied frowns?
And focus on things that keep us down.

Maybe we live our lives so full of envy,
Always thinking of what it could be,
And just like that something special passes by,
Too late to even give a try.

Maybe, just maybe it could be you and I,
To find that something and somewhere beneath this sky,
And if you open your heart and mind for just one second,
I promise to you in just one moment,
I can show you that the world ain't so bad,
And energize you so you ain't so sad,
And maybe, just maybe,
Your smile will glow,
And love you once gave so freely will flow.