Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

I arch my back into prim sunlight, but last night
still has me where it wants it, a similar position, 
mewling, while the radio plays hard with the blues.

This yoga mat, this lone hour, holds no true purr/pose
Not yet. Slow moon, come. Make me again his pet,
fed and pampered, taking more than my share of him.

You purr/loined my adulation, me, your feel/line,
then sensibly took your time, pusssyfooting around
sensitive areas, so attentively, making me purr/spire. 

I rock little boat, try to blur the poetry that now lies
purr/pen/dickular in a seduced mind, a kitty, cornered,
won over by a soft touch that will ever purr/suede. 

*Bidalsana is a yoga position commonly known as the cat pose.