Written by: Andrea Dietrich

Lekker! Oh, my! A lecher is near us, you say? No, I didn’t use C-H. Lekker uses a K. What did you mean? Was it *“Lick her” you said? And just who should I lick? Are you out of your head? NO! Lekker! It’s NICE. How gross can you get? Licking some person that you've never met! No, it’s just LEKKER. I didn’t say LICK. Well, good! I’m not licking some girl. That’s just sick. Am I hearing you right? Are you trying to say . . . *“like her”? Just who do you like anyway? Not “i” as in “like.” Is your head made of wood? It’s LEKKER, a word which simply means GOOD. Ok, cool your jets! You’ve gone red in the face. Why didn’t you tell me this in the first place?! * In American English, at least, if a person says "Lick 'er" or "Like 'er" it is meant as "lick her" or "like her" since we often omit the H sound of pronouns like him and her after a preceding consonant sound. For the Lekker Contest of Suzette Crous