Written by: Issac Guzman

What if the world we harbored in didn't exist?
Can there be any such thing as an evil pacifist?
Or religious terrorist?
The good intention behind Schindler's list?

Are we really free?
Does the blind one really see?
Ruled by the one-eyed king?

The lullabies of Death will forever sing
To those distracted by all the "bling"

The Halls of Mirrors never cease to ring
Infected minds, poisoned by the sting

Caused by the pain of the snake bite
Of the Unholy Rite
Humans are rendered docile & trite
Think about that before you bite

The burger that clogs your arteries
With the grim origins of slaughter houses
That resemble psychopathic armories
& then trace it back farther, to the dairies

The dreams of the masses will never truly manifest
Unless, we stand united against the unruly ways of Corporatocracy