Written by: Jeremy Martin

Looking at the map, the worn creases
Roads, interstates, lakes and valleys
Pastel colors on crinkled paper 
Time will pull and tug in small amounts 
Though met with violent resistance 
Many springs have soothed the fever  
Thoughts of you are gentler now 
Years have worn harsh edges down 

The southern states of our youth 
A smile, a photograph tucked into a book 
The dreams that happen less and less
Little tremors where mountains once toppled 
I went for a drive yesterday
Alone, thank god 
The landscape went by so fast
I feel the sun through the windshield 
It's hot, it burns my eyes, but I feel it 
And I like that I can feel 
It's in these soft, quiet, gentle times
When breathing isn't such a chore 
Yes, we will live on--

The river moves forward 
I've made peace with you