Here comes the sun

Written by: Michael Dom

Here comes the sun

In this cold place I know so well
Waves of warmth have finally come.
So I’ll wait with my tale to tell;
Over my world, here comes the sun!

Always after the rain it comes.
Why would I ever need to run?
When I can stand and bid welcome;
Into my arms, here comes the sun!

In the black of night before dawn,
When my dreaming has come undone,
Wanderlust, banished with a yawn;
Into my heart, here comes the sun!

In yesterdays shadows and shade,
Many things wrong I thought were fun.
Lying here in the love we made;
Open my eyes, here comes the sun!

Where did you come from my sweet elf?
How did you know I was the one?
You bring laughter into my life;
When you give love, here comes the sun!

For Heather Ober - Beatlemania