Written by: Eileen Manassian

I wonder why we are so selective?

Selective in what we hear…
Selective in what we see…
Selective in what we say…
Selective in what we read…

Why do we pick and choose and run the risk of misunderstanding others? Why don't we put our energies and efforts and affections into understanding the hidden messages instead of taking the easy way and interpreting that which is revealed?

Wouldn't it be healing if we could read between the lines and the ACTUAL lines?
If we could speak out what is hidden deep and not just on the tip of our tongues?
If we could see the inner motives: the light behind the eye, the love behind the smile, the fear of rejection behind the gesture?
If we could hear what isn’t being said?

How lovely if we could do all this instead of giving in to our selective nature?

Lost in translation…In an imperfect sin riddled world, we imperfect beings translate with our own jaded understanding what we see, hear, speak, and read…and we risk, yes, we RISK being subjected to others' selective choice in cutting us out of their lives.

Eileen Manassian Ghali