Inlove with Love

Written by: Shawntai Johnson

When I wake up in the morning and find you laying next to me, it makes my heart melt
You're making me feel something so warm and fulfilling inside, hell it's a feeling I never felt

I look forward to every intimate and deep conversation that we have
When I add it all up; you+me+love+our future, here's our math.

When you're gone I long for your kisses, hugs, and your ever so gentle touch
Words can't express how I began to miss you so much.

I say these things because this is how you make me feel inside
You made it possible for me to love again, so I let my guard down and put my pride aside.

I can't stop smiling because I know that you are the one for me
With your love wrapped around me, I am assured that this is our destiny.