Written by: karl marszalowicz

Late nights, ill motives
Drive good men to do bad things
When right becomes wrong 
And justice looks the other way 
A man takes a woman

without her consent and his future repent
She fought and denied him 
as he grabbed and possessed her
the dastardly became more a destiny of force 
her trading her dignity for his unwanted seeds
But until then her life was dull, and then  
Contemplating, anticipating for nine months 
She had no ideas, on what to expect
Then she gave birth to a miracle
 the monstrosity in the darkness, erased 

She was glad, so glad, to hear new cries
They abolished hers echoing from before 
Proud of herself and what had become
She named the beautiful young sprout ling Jack
She traded it all for him once, he was a magic bean 

                                                                       By Karl Marszalowicz