True blue

Written by: Monica Nealy

5 droppin
6 poppin
thats what we use to scream
hood til we die
but dying was only a dream
then one day a phone call brought that dream to reality
2 shots to the chest
made me realize there is no immorality
cause a week later i was laying your flag to rest
me the crew was planning on how to retaliate
make a slob c they color splatted on walls
but then another gangsta was gone quicker than a earthquake
a true blue once again took a fall
cuz it wasnt suppose to go down like this
me you against the world
dang if i could only wish
wish you bac ill take your place instead
without you there's no me 
id might as well be dead
lost two cousins all over a color
blue dont seem so true no more
so for me this gang bangin is over