To Africa

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

There are a thousand 
vines amongst mine home
An hundred wonders 
burnt to knead this 
The darkest skins 
embrace this tender land
For when the Heavens 
fall, Her praises stand.

I know a haven, soft as 
soft can art
Uphill the warmest farms, 
and zephyr's swell
Evergreen shrubs do 
spread where does her 
That place where love is 
sown, and sown so well.

Oh! Bless mine heart for 
breath embraced me here
A million of good hours 
must dwell therein
If 'tis as sin to praise Her, 
I should sin
For ne'er was laid a land 
more blest, most fair.

And now I know upon 
what beaux was laid
Was it not fair fortune of 
this maid?