my best friend

Written by: angela ganey

My best friend is one of a kind
Im his bestie and he is mine
We met in highschool in 1992
If i never met him i dont know what ide do

He has been there for me when no one else was
One thing  we have  for one another is valuable trust
He is always there to keep a smile on my face
Inside my heart he will always have a speacial place

Best friends are definitly hard to come by
Out of all the best friends in this universe
The very best one is mine

No matter the months days or hours
Not anyone can have a friendship like ours
Our personalitys and sense of humour are almost the same
Sometimes its like we share the same brain

I am so thankful to call this man my best friend
We will stay besties for now and always
and add more memories to the weeks,months,and days