Praise to the Great God

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Praise to thee great God, the father of all,
creator of beings both great and small,
He made trees, some tender, some tall,
the God who carved this terrestial ball.

Praise to thee O God, who walks in wonder,
thy silence roars and thy words thunder.
Merciful, able to cleanse all blunders,
mighty, He breaks the bars of iron asunder.

Praise to thee oh God, robed in matchless light,
in whose abode there is neither day nor night.
His presence makes our sorrows take flight,
pure peace He gives us in all our plights.

Praise to thee O God, the saviour of sinners,
in whose world, worms are made winners.
Nothing to lose, in Him we are learners,
who saves our soul and makes us cleaner...

Praise to thee great God, our king and keeper
in whom our knowledge grows deeper.
Our healer, hope, defender and helper,
the giver of harvest grains to the reapers.

Praise to thee great God, our hiding place,
help of the helpless, giver of glow and grace.
Our source of strength on this heavenly race;
the light of His words brightens our face.