Written by: Shevaughn Gilbert

Drown in sorrows.
Drown in doubts.
I can't seem to find,
the one's I depend on.
To make me feel loved.
To make me feel I belong.
In a world of disappointments and pain,
Pain you feel,
When there is no sign of comfort, the world that hurts,
the world called 

This world I live in,
where there seem to be no sun;
There is no fun.
There is just rain.
Rain that never seems to stop from falling,
Falling on my head;
There is no shelter in my world since I have no friends,
Friends that will stick around to the end.
But friends that appear to be genuine,
That studies my generosity and takes me for a mockery
I wish I was like them, 
But then it will only make it worse in my world 
For this time, it will surely be everlasting.