Come Be my Beautiful Bride

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

The arms of Christ are ever 
calling us to run to His 
bleeding side,
away from worldly woes 
and tide.
...come oh sinner, be my 
beautiful bride.

The words of Christ are 
meek and mild,
calling the prodigal son to 
forsake pride. 
for our true salvation He 
suffered and cried
...come oh sinner, be my 
beautiful bride.

The way of Christ is ever 
narrow not wide,
reserved for those who can 
only decide
to quit sinning; knowing 
that Christ died,
to call sinners...come be my 
beautiful bride.

The wealth of Christ is for 
those who hide
in His secret place, laying all 
weight aside,
for our riches, He was 
deprived and denied,
calling oh sinners, be my 
beautiful bride.

The will of God is to give a 
gentle guide,
to those who will in Christ 
alone abide;
in His eternal home they 
will at last reside.
...come oh sinners, be His 
Beautiful bride.

''Come Be my Beautiful 
Written By Adeleke