A Buck and A Doe

Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

A young buck, who rescuers, called "Meatball",
was found shaken, lost, and perplexed!
They chose to keep him warm and safe,
till they decided, what to do next!

After some time, "Meatball" was sad!
He didn't like being secluded!
He apparently needed companionship,
at least, that's what the rescuers concluded.

Thus began a diligent search,
which lasted for two weeks or so!
It resulted in them being able,
to capture, a beautiful Doe!

The Doe was then taken, where she needed to go!
They all knew that "Meatball" was ready!
The group came up, with an appropriate name.
They decided to call her, "Spaghetti"!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, is pasta and meat,
as most, anyone, out there, would know!
But, how many knew, the same would be true,
when it came to a Buck and a Doe?

Note:  This is based loosely
           on a true story!