Those Awesome Folks on Facebook

Written by: Elton Camp

Those Awesome Folks on Facebook

By Elton Camp

Many Facebook profiles are only a joke
For nobody seems to be an ordinary bloke

Such fascinating lives all of them live
At least based on the information they give

“It’s a gated community where I reside”
The trailer park has a gate to let ‘em inside

They are a professional, they let you know
But don’t tell that they’re a professional hobo

“I drive a long, black Cadillac,” he’ll aver 
But he’s actually a hearse driver, I hear

“It’s direct public service that I do”
But she works at McDonald’s is true

“Retail inventory control is my game”
Shoplifter catcher he is, just the same

“I work hours in the gym every day”
That he’s the janitor, he doesn’t say

If pictures are genuine, there’s no telling
That one looks a lot like Tori Spelling

Just once, this is what I’d like to see
“Old, fat and bald well describes me”