What have you done

Written by: Garrett Fishwick

Viewing sites of our oceans and lakes
Locking our earth in a trap jail
Seeing these gifts here not to forsake
Ups our risk with CFC intake
With this not being folklore or tale

Oil dependency we must decrease
Causing more death than life with no true gain
As more life on this earth comes to decease
With the word extinct coming to all beasts
Stopping our land from agony and pain

As we try to master the depths of space
With probes such as voyager launched from earth
We must first learn to save the human race
With clean air and clean water for each face
To make faces smile with joy and mirth

Remember all life as one here to save
New plants and green trees, plant one when you can
Give back for the gift this earth came and gave
Develop a new clean way to behave
Help the earth look pristine across all land

Join the true people that fight for our home
Do what you can and increase this lands worth
Let a new land and atmosphere be known
Increase your life goal with a new life zone
And know what you did to save this great earth