You Should Be Ashamed

Written by: devin colomb

When "darkness" leaks into the mind
Of the young who are thought to be blind 
Steps are taken and moves are made
To make the thoughts mist and fade 

Poison! We shout. The risk is too great
Daring individualism it poses to create 
For why would we want to expose 
The truth, we quietly lie, dispose 

Shielding them from reality, never letting loose
All the while you're just tying tighter, their noose
Strangle them with lies
Ignore their cries

Things are out of hand
Childhood is becoming much too bland
Facts of life become sensitive topics 
And you say the media is toxic

It's you who make their lives dishonest
Preventing them from understanding what's best
Minds with chains and a veil over their innocent eyes
Your security lasts until that final lie dies

Freedom kills what you built for the first few years
You can deal with the coming exposure and their questioning tears 
Don't you dare say I never warned you
I won't be blamed for explanations way past due