Suicidal Black Friar

Written by: laszlo kecsedi

In a prison cell I dwell most every day 
And for a miracle I pray:
Gods of time, Lords of reason
Defy yourselves and commit treason
My years are many
The baggage of my past is heavy
Disregard what`s in me evil, don’t deny me merit, 
Else heaven I am sure not to inherit
The dam of my moral will is bursting 
The waters of my passion are churning
I am the victim and I am the criminal
I am the prison and I am the prisoner
I am the master and I am the slave
I am innocent but I am to blame 
For this flame that set my house on fire
Awakening a dreadful desire – a slumbering beast
Starving, craving for flesh - a presumptuous predator,
A heat seeking animal, locked on body temperature
Behold the moth, plunging into suicidal fire
My true will and nature it`ll transpire