Signor Fellini

Written by: Odin Roark

Signor Fellini

Imagine us
Respectful of your shadows
Held in suspension by your cinematic mirror

These dreams of yours      
Realized through creation’s gift
Offer such ethereal answers 
To those of us aroused 
Beyond the screen

Your genius remains omnipresent
Extended for touching by hearts and minds
Beseeching all to embrace
Granting acknowledgment and insight
Beyond usual cinema bequests

Yes Signor Fellini
You brought your vision to our eyes
Asking not we accept
But merely contemplate the little boy
Made man behind the camera

For such curiosity
You granted patience
Never asking we believe your honesty
But to consider our own truth

Your essence remains present
Resounding quietly above life’s noise
Easily accessed with but memory
Thoughtfully embraced with smiles of trust

May the purity of La Dolce Vita’s final scene
The echo of silence
From distance unamplified 
Whispering from within
Ever haunt those unable to listen
Those unwilling to hear