From Far Away

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

From Far Away I can see the blanket of stars tonight Even though they exist so far away in sight I can see them twinkling as if they dance In their stardust in perfect trance I can still hear echoes of an ocean’s waves Even though I’m standing from far away Perhaps it is a melody that keeps the sea in motion That penetrates the heart to feel deep emotion I still feel powerful looking at mountains that I can’t climb For looking at them from far away they don’t seem so high One day I picture myself succeeding in climbing to the top Until then it will remain a dream to keep me motivated and to never stop I am still touched by the raindrops coming down Even though their located from far away in a different town Their cold texture left a permanent memory for me to feel A window that showed reflections from their world that becomes real I can still imagine the moonlight and how beautiful it will be Even though it stands hidden from the sun from far away in the galaxy I can only wait that the sun will surrender to the moon to shine through Because from far away, anything is possible in its view