Dancing Devil

Written by: laszlo kecsedi

Born in a desert, on hopeless, arid land
Whirling in a coat made of dirt and sand
A life of continuous rotation, movement
Eventual self destruction, no improvement

Polarity of high and low, a vitalizing condition
Hot air rising, spinning, destroying any inhibition
Bumping, scraping particles become electric
Causing damage on the way; a hectic skeptic

Life in a flash; it begins, and it`s already ending 
But till then, earth with heaven is connected
Picking up pieces and debris of broken dreams
Constructing illusory towers built on wind-beams

Twisted twister, whistling, whining, humming
Thunderous deep rumbling becoming unbecoming
Dance devil, dance, your time is soon ending
Blow yourself out; the end will come as a blessing