A Sonnet On Sin

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

Most times I do the 
things I know are wrongs
Most times I cleave to 
deeds of scarlet night
I bless and curse; these 
things I do in tongues
Too dark and strange, I 
know not wrong from 

I call upon my tears to 
cloak my state
They slowly heed but 
overflow in vain
Thus sad, I wish upon a 
lock on Fate
Thus sad, I wish upon 
this torrent's wane.

As wolves in burning 
chase of gentle deers
I scout the farthest 
corner-swamps to hide
I'm hunted strong by 
stormy winds of fears
Wherefore my breathing 
seeks a chaste-confide.
The deeds I considered a 
harmless whole
These deeds are melted-
sharp and wound my