The Faith Not Standing

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

I never gave a thought to 
how I'd die
Nor live a life of gladness, 
love and peace
As sol'tude spreads u├żon 
my slumbers, I
Am forc'd to consider a 
Time's decrease.

Some say the days are 
short and long, the nights
That breath in lasting, 
must be spent as well
Some say there lives a 
home for wrongs and 
For rights, it's Heaven; 
wrongs reside in Hell.

I look onto my death as 
Whenever Time dissolves 
and Fate retires
While wishing loss befall 
that potent call
I look onto my death as 
hungry fires.

Howe'er I die, I pray I'd 
live content
Or leave atleast, not 
minding where I'm sent.