I Found Embrace Upon The Fields Of Death

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

I found embrace upon 
the fields of death
Upon the lamps that 
speak of lifeless rest
Wherefore I go unknown 
to wealth on breath
I wish Eden be mild to 
own my breast.

Confess'd I young to 
prowl in scarlet deeds
Against the bitter-sweet 
bestows of life
Against the written laws 
of Heaven creeds
To battle reason, strive 
and curl to strife.

The joy I saw imprest 
u├żon my dreams
I wish to see today but 
see no more
A sky of clouds a-float the 
cheerful streams
Or glorious smiles myself 
had living bore.

I wish the nests be laid of 
To dine in Eden's arms 
and flee the fire.