When Greyness Rains Upon My Battered Man

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

When greyness rains 
upon my battered man
And brings to light the 
scars after my youth
I shall conclude my years 
a buried plan
Or wait for death to 
sprout the blessed truth.

A lifetime shall I wait if so 
To grow to youth again, a 
child anew
If life replaces death and 
skin, the bone
As forever and hundred 
days too few.

When hundred years 
become as broken wings
In timeless mire, 
dissolving man to myth
The scentless buds of 
words, unspoken beings
Are laid to chide and man 
to slumber-pit.

When greyness rains 
upon this youth of mine
I shall deprave myself of 
praising time.