Indifference: Of A Poet

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

I do not write to please a 
thousand hearts
Forgive these words 
when harsh; forbear 
when true
The gift of writing grows 
till breath departs
Compassion feeds my 
muse a burning dew.

If thou doth read my 
verses, bless thine own
The faintest stars do 
tame the bridled seas
If thou doth hate my 
stanzas, leave it sown
For birds are birds when 
birds attain increase.

Repeat my rhymes to 
mind and speak like rain
I bear the least of 
worries, save these tears
If quaint my words, do 
read and read again
Till arts of chide return 
and melt to cheers.

Some lived this dream 
while time had meekness 
Do leave to rest my muse 
as thine's at sleep.