I Too Have Tried An Escape

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

I too have tried escape 
from tears unshed
And in other temples, 
taken ill sides
Silence does conceive 
prisons in mine head
And in every laughter, a 
surge of tides.

Tribulations do not a 
merry find
Nor happiness ensure 
from standing gloom
Therefore in these 
moments, I keep to mind
And make tents of quiet, 
and tears, a room.

For once I tread a path, 
and so alone
To make riches of 
mourning, and of sleep
No kinder flesh enlived a 
single bone
And it was in distress, I 
made to creep.

Therefore in mine offer, 
to please the self
I have made calm 
bargains, and kept to 
That in shelters of bliss, 
the sadist's shelf
Is what I detest so, and 
what I find.