Written by: Andrew Crisci

Hair as soft as the August moonlight
ran through these warm fingers;
you were very young and bright,
while my embrace kept you from dangers!

Envious glances from other guys
couldn't bother me as painful lies;
they had wished they had held you as sweet Juliet in their protective arms,
but it there was only one Romeo that turned you on with his true charms!

Many amorous words slipped
through these warm fingers as you stared at the mysterious stars,
assuming they never faded,
but awaken by the loud raven's saw dew on flowers! 

Any devoted lover doesn't need to say
that trust binds two by sharing a passionate kiss;
he can see that light of devotion a breath away
whenever hands touch to feel real bliss!

Fix all your broken dreams and become desirable and wild,
the sooner you do that...the quicker those fantasies will bind;
and may you decide to let them pass through these warm fingers
to find their way back to their realm, let them escape on swift wings!