The Prospect

Written by: Robin Sharpe

The approbation for approval of a bountiful elicitation.

An evocation that is a stimulant. 

As it  calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behavior.

Thus, we draw out  an altruism for the philanthropic devotion,

To the said principles; henceforth, being compliant and acquiescence.

We  follow tradition accepting standards and agree. 

Let's reinstate and make a conception and promote.

Ethical characteristics of self-effacing and resourceful ingredients;

Mild unpretentious attentiveness of an expedient plan. 

A creation of to pass from one state to another. 

Replacing the incongruity to find the true direction.

A change that could help streamline a new threshold

This our our nation to endure the many wonderful opportunities. 

There can be great tasks ahead.

Allow information to be clear and in a few words;

Brief, but comprehensive. 

Embrace the forward notion of staying appreciative,
And positive for the great people and things in this world.

A prospect of the derivative to find the  real direction.