Written by: Sabina Nicole

The sun rise's every day
Displaying wonders in a captivating way
And the sun, it sets, every night
With Gods paint brush,
The sky polishes colors to say its goodnight
And the stars, shimmer where ever you are
If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a shooting star
And the moon chooses to smile, grin, or frown
Once a month it decides to solely be round
And the seasons, they change, four times a year
Exposing the circle of life, with its turns, tugs and tears
A simple seed 
Awakens into a marvelous flower
While a tornado can destroy a town in less than an hour
And the snow, porcelain snow, can cover a whole city or state
While penguins spend their life with only one mate
There are animals in the sea, humans have yet to find
Nature,in every way, is exceptionally divine
A performance can be found at any part of the day
I am in AWE of all of creation, a gift to the potter’s clay.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 2/15/13