My Dream Tree

Written by: Abdul Malik

When I was young and hearty,
I once sowed a measly seed,
And saw with awe
the paltry seed grow into
a beautiful flowering tree
permeating all around
sweet fragrance
pleasing to the soul.

I likewise sowed
a shiny silver dollar,
And with bated breath
waited to see if it grows
into my dream tree:

A tree with branches of solid silver
and sparkling silver leaves,
It will bear fruits of shiny
gold and silver coins and
make all my dreams
to come true!

With glitters in my eyes,
And overbearing anticipation,
I guarded it day and night,
Nurturing it with my
dreams and aspirations.

But days turned into years
And still I did not see
even a seedling spring forth.

Now old and at my wits' end,
I dug up the coin and held it
in my trembling hand;

"Can I have that, Grandpa?"

The boy asked as he whisked
the coin off my palm.

I stared dumbfounded at him
as he ran to a roadside vendor
and bought an ice cream!

~Abdul Malik