Don't Open

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Don't open the escape hatch until he is far away.
Look out the elongated glass opening right above me.
Only then I can offer proper advice to each soldier.
I read a secret advanced directive I hoped I wouldn't open.
Sometimes it seems everything goes up like a puff of smoke.
Ok laugh at me, in minutes I hope everything changes.
I can't understand why I have all this on my aching shoulders.

It seems our last effort's so enormously futile!
Evan had opened the escape hatch on my order.
Helplessly I watched a bomb enter the open hatch.
A terrible end, my advice caused a disastrous explosion!
No one left, our bodies are nothing except puffs of dust.
All gone, every person in our coffin of death, evaporated.

Con/Vow contest
Feb 14th 2013